Active Shooter Plan For Businesses

Laurence Taylor Insurance Services offers an active shooter plan for businesses to prepare them for the worst. We facilitate effective planning for future emergencies with our active shooter training and insurance plans for businesses.

Pros And Cons Of Active Shooter Insurance 

Active shooter plans financially protect your building, business operations, and employees after a dangerous incident. It is quite common for a lot of business owners to discard the idea of getting active assailant coverage, considering the rareness of these catastrophic events. Learning about the pros and cons of armed assailant insurance can help you make an informed decision:

Advantages Of Getting Insurance For Active Shooter

  1. Most active shooter insurance plans cover all victim expenses, including rehabilitation costs.
  2. Insurance for active shooter can help your business bounce back without any hassle after a traumatic and devastating incident. As a leading insurance provider for active shooter scenario, we also cover business interruption expenses, helping businesses get back on their feet.
  3. These plans can prepare your business for the worst, providing you with a competitive edge over your competitors.

Disadvantages Of Active Shooter Insurance Plan

  1. The insurance premium starts at $1200 a year. The premium you pay can vary depending upon the size of your company and the number of employees working for you.

The pros clearly outweigh the costs, outlining the importance of investing in an active shooter insurance policy. Hundreds of employees and their families depend on your business for their livelihood. It is a business owner’s duty and obligation to safeguard their employees’ lives and the livelihood of their families in whichever way possible. An active shooter policy can help you feel safe about your business and employees as the plan offers unsurpassed protection against all armed assailant incidents.

What To Do In Case Of Active Shooter Situations?

First, determine the most reasonable way to protect your life. To handle an active shooter situation safely:

  • Evacuate the premises if you can access an escape path.
  • Leave your belongings behind.
  • Help others escape if possible. Do not move wounded people.
  • Call 911 when you are safe.

If you cannot evacuate the premises, hide in a place where the shooter cannot find you. Do not get stuck in an area that restricts your options for movement. Sign up for active shooter training to prepare yourself for these incidents in the future.

How To Prepare For An Active Shooting Incident?

Make sure that your building has at least two evacuation routes. Post the evacuation routes in visible and circulated locations throughout the premises. Make sure to offer active shooter training to your employees with the help of an experienced third-party agency and include local law enforcement and first responders during the training sessions. We offer specialized active shooter training for employees and managers and prepare businesses for unforeseen contingencies. 

Contact 213-536-7242 to learn more about our active shooter plan for businesses. Laurence Taylor Insurance Services helps business owners foster a respectful workplace and educates employees and managers on the various indications of workplace violence. We can help you take remedial actions. Call us today to safeguard your business and employee safety.

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Active Shooter Plan For Businesses

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