Takata Air Bag Deployment

Takata Air Bag Deployment

The standard airbag is dangerous enough because it deploys at 200mph in about 25 seconds. Imagine what could happen when the same thing happens while deploying metal shards at your head? This case is exactly what happened with Takata airbags, leading to multiple deaths and injuries worldwide.

What is the Takata airbag scandal?

Takata airbags were a production of TK Holdings, which used substandard materials to save cost without testing these airbags. These bags did not follow the safety protocols of airbags and instead used ammonium nitrate instead of the usual gas. The faulty bags would become highly unstable when the car runs hot or if you drive in hot and humid areas, causing them to explode and cause injuries and fatalities.

The original lawsuit included recalls in some of the hottest areas in the country, including Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi. The NHTSA later demanded the Takata recall of all vehicles with Takata airbags installed between 2000 and 2008 nationally to stop the risk of exposing more people to the same predicament of airbag injury or death.

Did Takata corporation take responsibility?

Takata reasons that ammonium nitrate takes up less space is more affordable and still delivers the same deployment goals. Did they admit to these findings?

No, they did not. Instead, they gave crooked answers or remained tongue-tied even after more tests verified the presence of the dangerous gas in the airbags.

An example is they stated that their products worked abnormally in the said circumstances, but they did not explain how the Takata airbag defect happened. They did, however, state that they are responsible for deceiving car manufacturers like Honda and Toyota and agree to settle the due amount after pleading guilty to the related federal crime. Other people blame NHTSA for not acting fast enough because fats action would have identified more defects and triggered a massive national recall.

Reasons you should hire a lawyer to help with the lawsuit

Our firm is actively dealing with Takata-related cases and is ready to take on yours to discuss a range of options you can get due compensation. We will work with you to determine the exact right course of action depending on all related cues because each person probably encountered different issues due to the airbag complication.

Why The Hartman Law Firm?

There are many different firms available for you to pursue a lawsuit, but which one has enough experience and skills to know how to move ahead with your case expertly? We make a great team because of our tremendous experience in similar cases. Our main goal is to help victims get the financial support they need for medical coverage and not worry about continuing to live their everyday lives. In addition, we can help hold Takata responsible for all other related cases, including emotional stress and disruption of your usual lifestyle.

We look forward to focusing on building a formidable case by doing all the research and unpaid work needed for a solid case to fight the experience that you and your loved ones had to preserve for years.

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Takata Air Bag Deployment