Titusville Tax Preparation

Running a business is difficult enough without adding the intricacy of preparing your taxes each year. If you can’t stand the thought of planning your own tax and deliberating on how you can find a good CPA, you are not alone. When you decide to turn to a certified public accountant to help with your Titusville tax preparation, you’ll want someone with the right experience for your particular needs. 

A good CPA for your small business is more than just a tax preparer; they could also be a specialized financial advisor. A good CPA will not only file your taxes, but also show a deep understanding of your industry and give you thorough insight on how to make most of your tax deductions, and more.


Any individual with a preparer tax identification can take care of your tax needs, but it’s best to find someone who can also handle IRS collections, audits, and appeals. The only people that can represent you before the IRS in any situation are a CPA or an enrolled agent.

CPA has a college degree and has passed the Uniform CPA exam for licensing, making them professionals in accounting. At LeFils & Company, LLC, our consultants have the qualifications to prepare a variety of business and personal tax returns, and also represent you before the IRS when needed. 

Well-Established CPA 

Usually, it is a good idea to find a CPA with several years of experience. The more time a CPA has been working preparing and filing tax returns, the higher the chances that the firm has dealt with tax situation close to yours. Moreover, CPA firms such as LeFils & Company, LLC has invested in learning the nuances of the new regulations. 

It is also important that the firm is open year-round. That is important because letters and notices from your state tax authority and IRS can be sent at any time, and you may need a CPA firm that is always available like us for help when that happens. 

Ask for References

Make sure you ask your prospective CPA for references from both current and past clients. Then, try to check the references. You want someone you can trust and feel comfortable sharing your financial details with. You need to be certain your accountant won’t share your details with anyone else. Moreover, you can also get to know how the firm works and treat its clients.

Inquire About the Fees

Try to get a clear understanding of the cost of hiring a particular CPA early in the process. Better still, you can send an email; with that, you might get a complete answer. You may also want to know if the firm charge by the hour or flat rates. Plus, it is important that you avoid CPAs that base their fee on the percentage of your tax return—a CPA who does that is clearly violating the IRS rules.

If you are looking for one of the best CPA firms that can help with your Titusville tax preparation and more, don’t hesitate to contact us. And thanks for considering LeFils & Company, LLC.


Titusville Tax Preparation

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Titusville Tax Preparation

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